Wacky Workout Wonders

AO: ao_the-swanson Q: ODD JOB PAX: Go Blue, Ricky Bobby, Disco, Fiddy Cent, Bob the Builder, Training Wheels, 0 FNGs: 1 0 COUNT: 6 WARMUP: SSH 25 String rippers 15 God suns 10 Sun gods 10 THE THANG: Logs carry to sand pit Drag Sand bag to one side Push it back Bear cralw to …

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Getting swole with lady justice

AO: ao_off-the-books Q: ODD JOB PAX: Ricky Bobby, Training Wheels, ODD JOB, 0 FNGs: 1 0 COUNT: 3 Warm up **Sun gods x10** **God suns x10** **Overhead claps x10** **Cherry pickers x10** The thang ●Tango line (….all together….) Lady Justice full lap At each corner stop & do… 1. 10 curls 2. 10 overhead presses …

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AO: ao_rock-n-root Q: ODD JOB PAX: Monsanto, ODD JOB, 0 FNGs: 1 0 COUNT: 2 Beautiful summer morning, pleasant temperatures, and a gorgeous sunrise. WARMUP: Stretching OYO THE THANG: Ridge running, Indian style with the watermelon baby. Run to the top, do 10 merkins, run some more, Indian run switch, pass the melon, hold it …

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July book discussion

AO: 2ndf Q: Flo PAX: ODD JOB, Bootleg, Disco, Downhill, Flo, Pythagoras FNGs: None COUNT: 6 Great discussion about topics and ideas and foresight of the founding generation ANNOUNCEMENTS: Next book is Machiavelli’s The Prince

Sun’s Out Buns Out

AO: ao_abduction Q: Flo PAX: ODD JOB, Disco, Flo, Go Blue, Mr. Hankie, Monsanto, Pythagoras, sirwin911, Ricky Bobby, Wiener Dog, Wiener Dog FNGs: 1 Wiener Dog COUNT: 11 WARMUP: Side Straddle Hop x 20 (IC) Copper Head Squat x 10 (IC) Lunge walk High knees Butt kickers Stretch x 2 min THE THANG: Sun’s Out …

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Burpee Farming

AO: ao_ol-dusty-trail Q: Downhill PAX: Flo, Topless, ODD JOB, sirwin911, Ricky Bobby, Monsanto, Downhill, Soggy (downrange), Training Wheels FNGs: 1 Training Wheels COUNT: 8 WARMUP: Gore for 1 min THE THANG: Ruck 2.3 miles while burpee farming MARY: 20x Burpees ANNOUNCEMENTS: Book club tonight COT: Prayers for interviews, travel, and new life

Hoover, the original PAX

AO: ao_the-swanson Q: Flo PAX: Legs, ODD JOB, Downhill, Fiddy Cent, Flo, Forest Gump, Go Blue, Kung Fu Panda FNGs: None COUNT: 8 WARMUP: Mosey to volleyball courts and the hot potato with medicine ball THE THANG: HOVERBALL!* Whenever someone dropped the ball or otherwise failed to catch it their entire team completes one burpee …

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Tagging Wellington

AO: ao_off-the-books Q: Flo PAX: Flo FNGs: None COUNT: 1 THE THANG: Rucked around trails near viewpoint park with a bag of chalk and wrote multiple advertisements for our Summer Series Wellington workout ANNOUNCEMENTS: YHC will be traveling and will miss the next two Wellington Workouts Ricky Bobby and ODD JOB agreed to Q while …

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Ridge Running!

AO: ao_rock-n-root Q: Monsanto PAX: Go Blue, Ricky Bobby, Monsanto FNGs: None COUNT: 3 WARMUP: OYO stretching THE THANG: Ran to the ridge of Dixon Reservoir, then proceeded to run back and forth from end to end, and run down and back up each incline. Totaled 3.8 miles. We payed the “Good Morning” tax of …

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Mini Patriot Games

AO: ao_abduction Q: Go Blue PAX: Topless, Friar Tuck, Legs, ODD JOB, Go Blue, Buster FNGs: 1 Buster COUNT: 6 Still feeling that ‘Merica spirit, YHC decided an Independence Day themed beatdown would be in store for the PAX, inspired by the F3 Patriot Games CSAUP. A great EC ruck around the high school with …

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