AO: Ol' Dusty Trail

When: 09/15/2023


Number of Pax:

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names:


The BackBlast:

AO: ao_ol-dusty-trail
Q: Legs
PAX: Cohiba, Go Blue, Bunsen (F3 FoCo Nant’an), Flo, Monsanto, Legs
FNGs: None
The gloom gets darker and darker with each death of a leaf. Our PAX have been getting after it all week. The Q has also been digging into Q source a lot. So the combination of the two led to designing today’s ruck to be more of a QSOURCE discussion and cohesive conversation during our light stroll through the gloom with coffee in hand.

Stretch OYO as the Q describes the outline for the workout and reads the F3 mission statement.

A leisurely stroll on the ol dusty trail while discussing Q SOURCE. had great discussions about the F3 mission and the why behind what we do. We also talked about Q3.9 and through the foundation of Q source.

Halfway through the ruck we discovered that Cohiba was rucking 75#s! Insane!

A lot of very friendly people out there which equaled six good mornings (65= 30 Burpees)

20xAmerican Hammers IC

– book discussion tonight at prost at 5:30 p.m.
– legs is working on coordinating the Octoberfest beer ruck. more details to follow

– Q let us out in a prayer. prayed for Bunsen’s wife and her stress test today as well as continued praying for Fiddy Cents wife as she heads to turkey and then for the family when he and his older two join her.

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