AO: Rock-N-Root

When: 07/18/2024


Number of Pax:

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names:


The BackBlast:

AO: ao_rock-n-root
Q: Bunsen
PAX: ODD JOB, Monsanto, Fiddy Cent, Legs, Bunsen
FNGs: None
Chilly Morning, which always seems to shock the system as days are starting to be a bit warmer…just not the nights or gloom!! 5 PAX were ready to roll and YHC was excited as this is the first RnR Q in a while!

A tiny bit of OYO stretching (minimal, to be honest and this needs to be worked on by yours truly). But we jogged slowly as we exited the park for the dreaded…

Bro, that first hill always gets me. And after that, all is good, especially after peaking on the ridge!
Two groups started to form with different paces and the front group held plank at the trail gate for the second. We decided to take two different routes and converge at the flag.
YHC group totaled 4.71 miles around Pineridge Lake and averaged 10 min/mile.

We ran into one good morning…shockingly quiet this AM! 5 burpees were collected. the 2nd group also had an encounter with a stranger. Legs was a beast and collected those burpees, too! Way to step up!

Kilted Ruck, Go Ruck events, Book Club, and 40yr Anniversary are all coming down the shoot!! Get ready…

YHC led us out in prayers, thanksgivings, and blessings.

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