AO: Abduction

When: 10/28/2023


Number of Pax:

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names:


The BackBlast:

AO: ao_abduction
Q: Legs
PAX: Disco, Go Blue, Mr. Hankie, Friar Tuck, Spinal Tap, Pythagoras, Legs, Double Mit
FNGs: None
A cold and gloomy morning! With a solid showing of PAXs this morning the Q starts the workout as some beautiful snow falls upon the AO. This workout is from the F3 Nation’s Weekly Acceleration, week 2 workout. Monroe Correctional Complex. The exercises and reps throughout this workout were inspired by the HIMs of F3 Pacific Northwest and are designed to highlight some significant statistics about men in prison. Together with the F3 Foundation, F3 Pacific Northwest is working with incarcerated men via weekly workouts and Q-Source meetings to prepare them for when they rejoin society.
1. Men make up well over 90% of all inmates in the US
2. 44.4% inmates have Drug Offenses (FEDERAL)
3. 25.3% serving 5 years to < 10 years (FEDERAL) WARMUP:
– SSH – 90 IC
– Mountain Climbers – 17 IC
– Alternating Shoulder Taps – 44 IC
– Imperial Walkers – 25 IC

“Break the Chains” – PAX count off by fours to form four groups. Each group start at the designated station. (Q altered this to have all perform exercises together. Not all of the stations and rounds were completed below but 60% were. PAX were encouraged to complete the reps that we didn’t do oyo at a later time.)

Station 1 – Push Group
– Round 1: 90 Prisoner Squats (hands behind your head)
– Round 2: 90 Merkins
– Round 3: 90 Sumo Squats (wide stance + lift a knee)
– Round 4: 90 Werkins

Station 2 – Can’t Hold Me Down
Rinse & Repeat until pushed
– 17 Diamond Merkins
– 17 Werkins (wide merkins)
– 17 Chuck Norris Merkins (on your knuckles)
– 17 Standard Merkins
– 17 Patty Cake Merkins (slap hands with partner at the top)

Station 3 – Step Toward Freedom
Rinse & Repeat until pushed
– 25 Forward Lunges
– 25 Reverse Lunges
– 25 Side Lunges
– 25 Bonnie Blairs (jumping lunges)
– 25 Curtsy Lunge (one leg folds backward and sideways like a curtsy)

Station 4 – Jump Over Obstacles
Rinse & Repeat until pushed
– 44 Bobby Hurleys (touch ground and jump shot)
– 44 Box Jumps/Step Ups
– 44 Jump Tucks
– 44 Jump Squats
– 44 Burpees

Short mosey back to flag for mary.

– Coat drive still going on.
– Prayer requests were shared

Breaking Chains – Hope & Redemption
In the darkest of moments, remember that you have the strength within to break free from the chains that bind
you. This journey may be tough, but it’s in these challenging times that you find your true resilience. Q-Source: “Q1.1 – Get Right: The process whereby a man comes to understand what motivates him to take action. It is discovering his purpose and his gifts.” Your time here is an opportunity to reflect, to understand your true purpose, and to develop the gifts within you. Embrace the chance to “Get Right” within yourself. In prison, you have a unique chance for transformation. Seek the light within you, find your purpose, and let it guide you towards the path of redemption. Consider supporting the F3 Foundation via the Accelerate campaign from October 16-November 12.

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