AO: Abduction

When: 05/29/2024


Number of Pax:

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names:


The BackBlast:

AO: ao_abduction
Q: Flo
PAX: Ricky Bobby, Disco, Go Blue, Bunsen, Flo, Braxton Hill (F3RVA Doublemint), Spinal Tap, Fake News, Friar Tuck, Pythagoras, Topless, Cowbell
FNGs: None
Some Special Rules for Monty Python and the Holy Grail themed workout. for all moxey’s PAX were partnered up and took turns being the knight acting as they are riding a horse while the other clapped hands for sounds effect while following behind. Also whenever the Q said “Ni” all PAX did 5 burpees.

SSH x 20 (IC)
String Rippers x 10 (IC)
Sun Gods x 10 (IC)
Swallow Claps x 10 (IC)
God Suns x 10 (IC)
Monkey Humpers x 10 (IC)

Encounter with the Black Knight
5 No Surrenders
20 Merkins
Lunge Walk
10 No Surrenders
20 BBS
Lunge Walk
15 No Surrenders
20 Dry Docks
Lunge Walk
20 No Surrenders

Fetchez La Vache
PAX partnered up with sand bags. First Pax would toss sandbag forward then second PAX would run to sandbag do a merkin and then throw it. This repeated until both PAX had crossed the field

Storming of Swamp Castle
Sprinted up hill at top of hill completed 5 merkins then mosey down hill – completed 5 times

Bring out your dead!
Body Destroyers for roughly 30 seconds

The White Rabbit!
Murder Bunnies across field
20 BBS
Murder Bunnies back across field

Plank for 1min 45 sec
Freddie Mercury x 10 (IC)
Broken Bicycle x 10 (IC)
American Hammer x 10 (IC)

2nd F lunch this coming Thrusday
Summer Yeti Challenge
Downhill going away party/book discussion

prayers for those traveling especially Doublemint, Spinal Tap, Cowbell, and Odd Job.
Prayers for Fake News as he and his family go through a move.
Prayers for YHC M and those suffering from anxiety

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