AO: Abduction

When: 07/18/2024


Number of Pax:

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names:


The BackBlast:

AO: ao_abduction
Q: Pythagoras
PAX: Flo, ODD JOB, Legs, F3fastimes, Topless, Mr. Hankie
FNGs: None
Leg day w/rucks! After 0530 EC ruck…Good morning!
WARMUP: Ruck shuffle across field a bit, circle up for ruck-on good morning 10x, ruck-on string rippers 10x, iron cross 5x, rolling V stretch 5x, 4-ct Cossacks 10x (all IC).
1. Ruck-on duck walk ~80 yds w/ a couple of pauses for 10x good morning.
2. OYO 3x set of ruck lunge 20yds, slick sprint 40yds and back, suitcase ruck carry back to start, exercise 30x, flutters until 6 is in, run around
1. Round 1 exercise: Ruck-on good morning
2. Round 2 exercise: Slick jump squats
1. Ruck-on duck walk to flag ~30 yds
MARY: Bring Sally (Mary’s ugly jump-roping sister) Up, squat-style, followed by some AF push-ups.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: My memory sucks on announcements. Next book club book is Phantastes by Geo. MacDonald, whom C.S. Lewis claimed “baptized his creativity” (correct me, Flo)–see date in book-club. F3 Anniversary (right?) event coming soon–see 1stf or 2ndf (?) for date.
COT: Many are undertaking Lenten asceticism, and I’ll wager that in this season after the darkness lifts, all of us are experiencing some measure of reflection on our faults, our tendencies to choose what is not good for ourselves, our families, our communities. Reflect also on the victories won by grace, growth in virtue through cooperation with that grace. We need to know ourselves in both of these senses (cf. The Imitation of Christ, or Divine Intimacy). Lean on your brothers right here; we are made to be men for each other and for others. Closed with the beautiful Prayer to Accept the Will of God by Metropolitan Philaret shared in slack by Bunsen.

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