AO: Abduction

When: 06/19/2021


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Bunsen, Ditka, El Fuego, Forest Gump, Go Blue!, Ice Man, Short Circuit,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Bunsen

The BackBlast:


An overcast morning was a welcome site to PAX descending on Abduction given the heat recently. There seemed to be a hop in our step, too, which YHC took to be a good sign for the workout. Mission and disclaimers were given and we didn’t waste any time getting started!


Moseyed airplane-style (arms out) for a bit longer after grumblings were heard.*

SSH IC x 10

Imperial Walker Squats** IC x 10

Sun Gods IC x 5 forward, x 6 Reverse

String Rippers IC x 10

Mosey to the battlefield!

The Thang:

Game ON!! First up, we had Bears vs. Crabs futbol!!

YHC modified with 7 PAX to a “half-pitch” game and used a rotating goalie. Team 1 was in bear crawl mode. Team 2 played in crab-walk fashion. The goalie planked the entire time. Any time a goal was scored, the goalie was rotated out and the team flap-jacked mode of action. Played for ~20 minutes. One team clearly was victorious with a 2-0 score.***

Game 2: Relay Race gone bad.**** YHC had contingencies for PAX in multiples of 4 or 5. With 7, YHC math skills and planning showed some short comings! PAX made the best of it and we ended up running two circuits of:

station 1 – curls

station 2 – Super Marios

station 3 – HR Merkins

station 4 – Squats

One PAX at each station (2 stations had 2 PAX) and 7th PAX started at station 1. On GO! each performed exercise except extra PAX, who ran to station 2 to relieve PAX and begin station 2 exercise.  Station 2 PAX run to station 3 to perform exercise, etc. PAX hit every station 2x.

Game 3 – Tic Tac Toe! YHC placed 2 boards approximately 50 yds from start. Teams of 2 played against each other. PAX A performed LBC while PAX B sprinted to board, placed a cone, and came back. Flap jack. Only 3 cones per team, so once all 3 cones were placed, PAX had to move one cone for their play.

Moseyed to flag for Mary…


Duck duck Guantanamo Bay: PAX on their 6 in a circle with heads in the middle, feet out. PAX held feet approx. waste high and on PAX walked the circle attempting to slam feet to ground with a “duck” or a “goose”. With a goose called, sprint circle to avoid being tagged.

American Hammers IC x 10


In the daily grind, sometimes it is good to cut loose and have a little fun with games. It was such a pleasure to be with the men of F3, laughing, competing to win, and truly enjoying the morning together. YHC thought this might be a fun workout and my expectations were far exceeded just in the joy YHC saw.

Naked Man Moleskin:

* Someone commented about playing soccer and imitating the European Championship Tourney…it was like they knew!

** YHC may have messed up the IC count.

*** Short Circuit clearly has played before and had an EPIC first goal…game MVP. YHC was the LVP with possibly most shots on goal and clearly had zero skills to get past Super Goalie Short Circuit.

**** Original game was to be a race to 300 HR Merkins