AO: Abduction

When: 03/14/2021


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Chick Flick, Ditka, Excitebike, Flo, Forest Gump, Go Blue!, Short Circuit,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Limp Bizkit

QIC: Bunsen

The BackBlast:


Pax descended on The Abduction anticipating a massive winter storm, and were thankful the weather held for the Beatdown! Intro, mission, and disclaimers were made and Pax were ready to mosey, however YHC posed a question first: what are the 5 principles of F3? Pax enthusiastically sited them and YHC offered a single burpee for each one noted (a hint of things to come!). With that, we moseyed to…


Seal Straddle Hop (arms out front instead of overhead) IC x 20

Grady Corn IC x 15


Gas Pumps IC x 10

Suicide Squats OMC x 10

Indian run to The Thang with all Pax sprinting once

The Thang:

Part A:

  1. Burp & Merk: Increasing Merkins 1 – 10
  2. Pure Burn: Squats – 1/4 squat to 1/2 squat x 10; 1/2 squat to full squat x 10; <Joe Louis for the 6>
  3. Plank Compass – YHC called various angles, which Pax rotated while holding feet in place.

Part B:

  1. Turk & Burp x 10
  2. Bonnie Blairs x 20
  3. Floyd Mayweather – L/R x 20

Pax was incredible with lots of mumblechatter, so YHC decided to insert a little treat on our way to Part C

Bear Snake: Pax lined up in plank from head to toe. Last Pax bear crawled in snake fashion in and out of PAX. Each Pax performed 2 bear crawls.*

Part C:


Pax moseyed one lap around field and after each lap performed designated Burpees and BBC. Number of Reps followed the Fibonacci numbers: 1-13, 1-8, 2-5, 3-3, 5-2, 8-1, 13-1.

Al Gore for the 6, and moseyed to flag for…


Soft Kitty Core!**

2 rounds of 10 each of Pickle Pounders, L Nolan Ryan, Alabama Prom Night, R Nolan Ryan.

American Hammers IC x 20 or so***


Pax welcomed Zach Sutherlin (Limp Bizkit).

Closed with proverb of the carrot, egg, and coffee bean. Find your inner strength to be the coffee bean!

Naked Man Moleskin:

*Planks started to lose solid form, and mutiny was threatened. Glad Pax held tough!

** Hat tip to F3 Gold Rush, who I shamelessly borrowed exercises from a couple of solid Backblasts

*** Lots of mumblechatter and hysterical leftover from Soft Kitty Core that Pax literally started counting over at 1 somewhere around 18. YHC held strong for a several more and then relented.