AO: Abduction

When: 01/20/2024


Number of Pax:

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names:


The BackBlast:

AO: ao_abduction
Q: Pythagoras
PAX: Bunsen, Cohiba, Topless, ODD JOB, Friar Tuck
FNGs: None
Short EC ruck so Ken can fill one more 40# filler and complete an 80# SB. Thanks @Cohiba for lending knife and sorry I forgot to clean and return it! Thanks @Bunsen and @Friar_Tuck for helping.
WARMUP: Hillbillies, arm circles, slow squat holds, iron cross, windmills, merkins.
THE THANG: Pick your SB poison (2 80s, 3 60s, 1 40) and cart to sidewalk by field. Stack sandies and line up to pass them man2man down the line to @Cohiba who hucks them into a new stack. Repeat. Circle the sandies, face out, starburst out 20 paces to make a big circle. Sprint to the sandy pile, pick your poison, overhead carry it back to the big circle.
Now we begin. On every exercise, option to switch to burpees at fatigue.
1. OYO shoulder-to-shoulder press for #reps = 1200/weight (e.g., 15 with 80#, 20 with 60#, etc.).
2. Rotate (= sprint CCW full circle +1 position), front-rack squat 1 min
3. Rotate, bent-over rows 1 min
4. rotate, clean 1 min
5. Rotate, press 1 min
6. Rotate, leg ups 1 min
7. Rotate, deadlift 1 min
Spiral in with Sandy to center to finish.
MARY: SBs back to start.
1. 3 min plank, burpees every fail.
2. Bring Sally Up. Always certain to produce groans!
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Weekday lunch to be announced soon by @GoBlue. Ken’s lake is frozen pretty solid and not likely good for Polar Plunge/Launch on 2/10. Considering the creek (ha!) or pond near Abduction. Will advise. GORUCK event in April is gaining victims! Be one!
COT: Prayers for @Flo and family. Although we have passed the darkest day of the year, we are still wandering in darkness in many ways, and we all have our George Bailey moments, sometimes at the end of our ropes. Yet we recognize the many gifts we have been given including the grace to become the men we are made to be and this fellowship of men who fight for and strengthen us–men for others. Look to the sun and look to the Son.

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