AO: The Swanson

When: 09/20/2023


Number of Pax:

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names:


The BackBlast:

AO: ao_the-swanson
Q: Bunsen (F3 FoCo Nant’an)
PAX: Earthworm Jim, Legs, Fiddy Cent, Go Blue, Walker Hill (Spinal Tap), Bob the Builder, Bunsen (F3 FoCo Nant’an)
FNGs: None
YHC posted the workout and 7 PAX dared to greet the dawn at The Swanson. Good times await!! As a benevolent Q, YHC parked the truck with coupons close to the starting point so no PAX had to haul a cindy around during warm-o-rama! Announcements, disclaimers, and mission were stated and we were off!

Mosey the long way around the parking lot to YHC truck to pick up the whiteboard and distribute cindys. OYO stretching while YHC went over the workout:

5 rounds for time:
Rnd 1:
10x Merkins
15x Thrusters
20x Merkins
25x Thrusters
30x Merkins
400 m run
Rnd 2:
10x Thrusters
15x V-Ups
20x Thrusters
25x V-Ups
30x Thrusters
400 m run
Rnd 3:
10x V-Ups
15x Jungle Bois
20x V-Ups
25x Jungle Bois
30x V-Ups
400 m run
Rnd 4:
10x Jungle Bois
15x Blockees
20x Jungle Bois
25x Blockees
30x Jungle Bois
400 m run
Rnd 5:
10x Blockees
15x Merkins
20x Blockees
25x Merkins
30x Blockees
400 m run

Incorporated in IPC…I’m sure PAX would concur

Mark Oct 7 on your calendar. Abduction – special workout followed by State of the Region with coffee (@forrest Gump?!)

Safe Travels for Fiddy Cent, joining his M and (partial list) children in Turkey, and prayers for the 2 staying behind with Grandparents. Strength and joyful prayers to them!
Lifting up Earthworm Jim’s son, who completed his gemology program and graduates this weekend!! Prayers for guidance on his next step in his journey.
Safe travels to Legs, who is traveling to Georgia this week.

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