When: 01/18/2024


Number of Pax:

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names:


The BackBlast:

AO: ao_off-the-books
Q: Bunsen
PAX: ODD JOB, Bunsen
FNGs: None
Below are the movements and times. YHC tried to minimize rest time between sets. I targeted 15-30 seconds. And ~1 min between exercises, except warm-ups, where we went directly to the next.
– Jumping jacks: 2 minutes
– Arm circles: 1 minute (30 seconds forward, 30 seconds backward)
– Bodyweight squats: 1 minute
– High knees: 1 minute
Set 1 – Samurai Strength
Sandbag Slams (3 sets x 1 minute)
Lift the sandbag overhead and slam it down with force, engaging your core and entire body.
Ruck Lunges (3 sets x 1 minute)
Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (3 sets x 1 minute)
Use the sandbag to perform sumo deadlifts, followed by a high pull, engaging your hips and upper back.
Ruck merkins(3 sets x 1 minute)
Merkins with ruck on back
Set 2 – Agile Samurai:
Sandbag Toss (3 sets x 1 minute)
Lifted the sandbag to chest then tossed it forward, then quickly move to catch it. YHC definitely caught sand in the face, which probably came from the sandbag slams!
Ruck Sprints (3 sets x 1 minute)
Ran in place, focused on high knees and quick movement
Sandbag Bear Crawls (3 sets x 1 minute)
Modified prescribed movement of balancing SB on back, and just used our ruck.
Ruck Jump Squats (3 sets x 1 minute)
Perform jump squats with the weighted ruck, emphasizing explosive power and controlled landings.
Set 3 – Samurai Endurance:
Sandbag Carry (2 sets x 2.5 minutes)
Farmer’s carry: half on left side, swapped to right in each set
Ruck Run (2 sets x 2.5 minutes)
Ran around the parking lot w/ ruck.
Cool Down
– Slow jogging slick around the parking lot: 2 minutes
– Stretching: 3 minutes

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