AO: The Swanson

When: 05/05/2021


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Chick Flick, Ditka, Excitebike, Forest Gump, Go Blue!, Raider, Short Circuit, Tri-Delt,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Go Blue!

The BackBlast:


Twas a lovely wet morning at The Swanson. YHC had some new toys to break out for the beatdown. Eight strong PAX showed up and got to work. Mission and disclaimer were provided by YHC, followed by a Googan lap (and no Googan to be found) and on to the …


  • SSH x15 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x15 IC
  • Merkin Side Planks x10 IC
  • Sun Gods x10 IC, FWD/REV

The Thang:

  1. Tabata work: 20 sec exercise 1, 20 sec exercise 2, 20 sec rest. Repeat 3 rounds
    1. Genie jumps
    2. Fast feet punch out and down
  2. Conditioning Work: PAX split into two groups. One group repeated exercise 1 for 1 minute, one group repeated exercise 2 for 1 minute, then switched. Two parts with two rounds per part, and a mosey for 3-4 minutes after each part.
    1. Part 1
      1. Ladder work step in / out + 3 merkins
      2. Squat step out
    2. Part 2
      1. Hurdle side step + 3 merkins
      2. Speed skaters
  3. Random work on the way back to 6MoM
    1. Hill sprint
    2. Bear crawl down the hill
    3. Belching


  • Hundreds
  • American Hammers, x25 IC


  • Continued prayers to Excitebike and Tri-Delt’s sister and family, as well as Ditka’s FiL and family

Naked Man Moleskin:

  • You had to be there