AO: The Swanson

When: 01/21/2021


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Chick Flick, Ditka, Flo, Go Blue!, Googan, Short Circuit, Tri-Delt,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Chick Flick

QIC: Go Blue

The BackBlast:


Cold and gloomy, as only The Swanson would have it. YHC welcomed the PAX, gave the mission, disclaimer, and began the mosey around the parking lot waiting for stragglers. On to the …


  1. 10 seconds of each exercise, with transition called out by YHC, 3 sets*
    • Jog in place
    • High knees
    • Butt kickers
    • SSH
    • Mountain Climbers
    • Plank Jacks
  2. Bat wings (below exercises in succession w/o lowering arms)
    • Sun Gods, FWD x20 IC
    • Sun Gods, REV x20 IC
    • Seal claps, x20 IC
    • Overhead claps, x20 IC

The Thang:

  1. Merkin your way up the mountain
    • 5 steps up on the 1st step. Head back down for 5 merkins.
    • 5 steps up on 1st and 2nd step. Head back down for 10 merkins.
    • 5 steps up on 1st, 2nd, 3rd steps. Head back down for 15 merkins.
    • 5 steps up on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th steps. Head back down for 20 merkins.
    • 5 steps up on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th steps. Head back down for 25 merkins.
  2. Randorama
    • Random exercises written down on 20 cards. PAX took turns picking cards and performing the exercise as a group. Exercises included the following, bold ones were performed.
    • 10 BURPEES
    • 15 star jumps
    • 20 BEAR CRAWL circle
    • 20 dry docks
    • 10 no surrenders
    • 10 8 ct body builders
    • bridge run, sprint up
    • bear crawl / broad jumps
    • 10 dive bomber merkins
    • 15 groiners
    • hill run x3
    • 25 plank jacks
    • 15 box jumps
    • 20 LBC
    • 15 ROWS
    • 1 min WALL SIT **
    • 20 YD LUNGE WALK
    • 15 CH squats (IC)
    • 25 DIPS


  1. Circle plank 60
  2. Dr W’s, x8 IC
  3. ABCs**
  4. American Hammers, x21 IC


  • Welcome Chick Flick! We’re better because you’re here!
  • Rando 01-21 has dropped. Check Slack for details!
  • Prayers to Gump’s M and family, Flo’s SIL for C19 concerns.
  • Prayers to Googan’s brother and family for support and healing going through difficult times.
  • Prayers to Tri-Delt’s FIL and family for support and healing.
  • Great Q-source discussion on Groups led by Short Circuit.

Naked Man Moleskin:

* YHC threw in an extra jog and sprint in place for funsies at the end.

** Tri-Delt kindly requested a more difficult exercise :), so YHC mixed in some one-legged wall squats which drew some groans.

*** This was a real crowd pleaser. Beautiful capital letters quickly turned into sloppy cursive letters.