AO: The Swanson

When: 08/11/2021


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Earthworm Jim, Excitebike, Flo, Forest Gump, Go Blue!, Googan,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Go Blue!

The BackBlast:


What happens when you mix a sand volleyball court with a beatdown in the early morning gloom? Sand bears of course. YHC was hoping to get some vball in with the PAX, but alas, could not find a vball the night before. Instead, the vball court would be utilized another way. Mission and disclaimer provided, and a short mosey to the …


  • Captain Callout – jog, mummy dance, high knees, butt kickers, sprint, and drop mixed in here and there. 2 Rounds.
  • Stretch routine
  • Mosey with various exercises mixed in
    • All you got pitcher’s elbow
    • Butkus, 60 sec
    • Plank jacks, x20 IC
    • Carolina dry docks, x20 IC

The Thang:

  • 11s
    • Copperhead squats and Jump tucks, with bear crawls and crawl bears between (across the sand vball court).*
  • Blackjack
    • 1 Merkin, sprint 30 yds, 20 LBCs, mosey back
    • 2 Merkins, sprint 30 yds, 19 LBCs, mosey back
    • Rinse and repeat, increasing merkins and decreasing LBCs, 21 reps total**
  • Mosey back to the shovel flag
    • Crossed a bridge, owe 5 burpees
    • Backpedal up the hill
    • All you got down the home stretch***


  • Bay city scissors, x10 IC
  • O face, x10 CW/CCW****
  • American Hammers, x20 IC


Prayers to Googan’s father and family dealing with surgery complications. Prayers to school kids and staff starting the school year.

Naked Man Moleskin:

* This proved to be a real crowd pleaser. Sand makes everything more difficult. Omaha was called when PAX were near the finish to get to other fun.

** YHC thought this would feel like recovery after the sand bears. Wrong.

*** YHC saw sprinkers and strongly considered detouring straight into them, but (strangely) had mercy for the PAX.

**** On YHC’s “O” of course. Voice inflection required on completion.