AO: The Swanson

When: 02/24/2021


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Ditka, Forest Gump, Go Blue!, Googan, Short Circuit, Tri-Delt,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Short Circuit

The BackBlast:


Sometimes, you have to put yourself on the Q Sheet, for nothing else other than needing to do two things:

  1. Have some sense of accountability. It can be far too easy to fartsack in the morning if there’s no accountability.
  2. Be reminded of F3’s fourth core principle (workouts are led in a rotating fashion by the menĀ of F3, with no training or certification necessary).

This was one of those mornings for YHC (namely, due to the first point above). Mission missionalized, disclaimer disclaimed, and we’re off…


  • SSH x 15 (IC)
  • Squats x 10 (IC)
  • CH Lunge x 6 (IC) (L/R)
  • Merkins x 8 (IC)
  • Witch’s Brew x 6 (IC) (L/R; CW/CCW)
  • Burpees x 5 (OYO)

The Thang:

Today we would utilizing “The Grab Bag”. Bag One contained different exercises on different cards. Bag two contained different amounts of reps on different cards. Hidden in one of the bags was the “Picker’s choice” card – allowing the person who selected the cards to pick either the exercise or the number of reps. Exercises and Repetitions were as follows:


  • Merkins
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Inverted Row
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Burpees


  • x 5
  • x 10
  • x 15
  • x 20

Additionally, three things were at play….

  1. Each time a card was picked, it was then placed BACK inside the bag from whence it came, meaning the same set of exercises could have been pulled twice.
  2. If the “Picker’s Choice” card was pulled out of bag one, it then went into bag two, and vice versa
  3. After each set of cards was picked, PAX were instructed to run to the bottom of the hill, and then sprint back to the top (incorporating some hill sprints)


  • Heels 2 Heaven x 20 (IC)
  • Low Dolly x 15 (IC)
  • LBC x 20 (IC)
  • High Dolly x 15 (IC)
  • American Hammer x 15 (IC)


  • #TAP: One of Gump’s coworkers – Meg – who had to bring her father home on Hospice, after a sudden Cancer diagnosis three weeks ago.
  • The Murph – March 1st, Troutman Park. Be there.
  • F3 Fort Collins Gear is available – check the Mudgear website
  • March Monthly Challenge drops soon.
  • March is Mental Health Awareness Month – be thinking about those guys in the community who may be struggling or suffering during this time. We leave no man behind, and we leave no man where we found him.
  • RANDO 02-21 is live. If you haven’t done a RANDO challenge – DO IT. It’ll set you free from that life of ease and comfort you’ve been clinging to.
  • March Rucking Challenge is coming up – check the #rucking channel on Slack for more details
  • F3 Fort Collins Sock Hop – March 20th. Wear your best pair of socks to the beatdown. Prize for the winner. Bring 2-3 additional pairs of white, regular Adult OR child size socks. All donations will go to the Fort Collins Rescue Mission.

Naked Man Moleskin:

None. Fantastic morning. Good to be out there with these men. Honored to lead. We’re not guaranteed anything in this life men – so let us make the most of our days, so we may have a heart of wisdom (Psalm 90:12).