AO: Abduction

When: 07/24/2021


Number of Pax: 1

Pax Names: Go Blue!, Ice Man,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Iceman

The BackBlast:


Mathew 18:20

For where two or three are gathered together in my name,  there am I in the midst of them.

Two brave men showed up, both worked hard.

The mission and disclaimer were glanced over, well because Go Blue has heard it before.  with many reps ahead of us and no time to spare we began a 1/2 mile mosey.


7 cones in the inner circle with an exercise on each.  Original plan was to have at least one PAX at each cone,  PAX would each come to the middle and lead an exercise.  Instead  Go Blue and YHC took turns leading each of the seven workouts.

x10 each


SunGods Fwd and Aft.

Butt kicks

High knees

Tappy taps

Tater Taps

Monkey Humpers


The Thang:

13 Cones in the outer circle with an exercise on each.  x50 each OYO.



Moroccan Night Clubs


Mountain Climbers

Plank Jacks


Overhead Claps

Scissor Kicks

American Hammers

Alternating Shoulder Taps

High Knees


We moseyed to the picnic tables where the goal was to complete x100 each



Step Ups


bear crawl 100 yards.

Pax completed about 70 reps each exercise and who knows how many yards of the bear crawl when Omaha was called because we were short on time.  We finished with another mosey about 1/2 mile, the long way back to the shovel flag’s typical location.


American Hammer x20


Prayers for Go Blue’s M dealing with the closure of the loss of her father.

Credit to Boiling Point of F3Omaha, with his permission YHC shamelessly stole his COT message.  Shared word for word.  He said it better than I could.

“CoT – “HERE BE DRAGONS” – Bravery is a Choice, not a Feeling.

In medieval times, explorers and mapmakers would stamp, “Here Be Dragons” on areas of a map that were unknown, unexplored, or thought to be full of danger. It was meant to serve as a warning. That if you ventured too far off, a fire breathing dragon or GINORMOUS sea creature would swallow you up or destroy you.

Here Be Dragons – This was a method for defining the borders of the world by Uncertainty and Fear. AND is not too uncommon today.

You see, we still have those stamps… in our pockets, or our junk drawers at home. The bravest of us don’t use it or may have even forgotten where it is. But most of us have worn that stamp out. We know exactly where it is because it never leaves our hand. AND whenever we are faced with something new, something unfamiliar, a new challenge – we are quick to stamp – Here Be Dragons

We have become confined to a tiny, safe blip on this vast map of our lives. We feel protected. The dragons can’t get in, but nor can the life get out.  …BUT what if there aren’t as many dragons as you thought??

My F3 journey started in January 2021. And I am proud to say one of the biggest things it has given me, and I’ve seen many of you, is the courage to slay the dragons around you.

1 year ago, I would have never agreed to lead a group of men in a workout, much less open up and try to be motivational. – HERE BE DRAGONS – Fortunately I have seen so many PAX members do just that – and when I was asked to lead, my answer was an immediate YES. I knew it was a dragon I needed to conquer.

So huge thanks to you the F3 PAX – for your leadership and support! …and if you’re on the fence about Q-ing – because it’s one of your dragons – I’d encourage you to step out of that comfort zone & do it.

Honestly, have you even ever seen a dragon? ”

We have a core group of leaders here at F3FoCo who take the majority the responsibility for Q’ing the workouts.  TCLAPS to you men, but its time for the rest of us, myself included, to step up and help carry the load.  We all have other areas in our life were we pull out the Here be Dragons stamp and use it.  Be Brave, be not afraid and step outside your comfort zone.  Explore the unexplored.  You will be better for it.

YHC closed us in Prayer.

Naked Man Moleskin:

Check for Ant piles when choosing where to do your Derkins.  Even those little black ants have a nasty bite.