AO: The Swanson

When: 10/11/2023


Number of Pax:

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names:


The BackBlast:

AO: ao_the-swanson
Q: Legs
PAX: Go Blue, Fiddy Cent, Bunsen, Legs, Downhill
FNGs: None
As the fall gloom is laying heavily across the parking lot at the Swanson and the PAX begin to arrive, one PAX is seen carrying a large canvas bag. The PAXs already at the flag and the Q look puzzled until they realize that it is @downhill with a beautifully tailored fart sack for the Q, @legs, to wear to complete his penance for fart sacking a Q. The fart sack is donned and the workout begins with Cindys in tow (to represent our beloved 2.0s)

Mosey/walk to beat down area
Sun gods IC x 10
Reverse Sun gods IC x 10
Windmills IC x 10

– Exercise (20reps)
— Curls – Who’s a big boy
— Overhead arm press – airplane in the sky
— Figure 8 with Cindy
— Hand release merkins (underwater surfboard)
— MOTs before each exercise /Al Gore until your turn
—MOT1 – On all fours around the circle to the next PAX /alternative is bear crawl
—MOT2 – Piggy Back Rides
—MOT3 – taking the gear to the beach (carry Cindy around the circle)
– Rochamburpees – rock paper scissors – winner 1x merkin // loser 1x burpee
– Patty Cake Merkin
– water jug carries (replaced with with 2x cindys) about 50m and back
— other PAXs do slow squats and focus on form

– Reclined airplane rides – hold Cindy and flutter IC x20
– V sit leg raises (around Cindy) IC x 20
– American Hammers IC – rock a bye baby (with Cindys) IC x 20

– you can still order shirts but window will close soon
– on 21st we will do wet dry run of Brew ruck
– whiskey and western is substituted for a “hefeweizen and horrors”?(name pending) with a viewing of Army of Darkness
– book club at end of month
– come out on Saturday to abduction for a guest cue from Cheyenne. @Ice_man is blessing us with a great workout and making the trip down from Cheyenne!
Q led us out with a short discussion from QSource on Leave Right. In Q4.0, We talked about leaving a positive legacy and how to have good purpose in life. We talked about ULP and D2X. it was a great conversation and left us all with some challenges to dig a little deeper and how we’re living currently.

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