Short-term Caution for Long-term Growth

Men of F3 Fort Collins – as some of you are undoubtedly aware, the state of Colorado is currently fighting multiple wildfires as we push into one of the driest parts of the year. With western winds blowing ash and particles into Fort Collins and the surrounding areas, air quality has (as of late) been …

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Abduction AO Time Change

Due to a number of concerns including interference with kids’s sports, lack of shade/covering, and extended daylight, Ditka (Site Q for Abduction) has made the decision to shift the workout start time from 0700 to 0600 for Summer Months, and return to 0700 during winter months.  This change will go into effect immediately, starting on …

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F3 Fort Collins COVID-19 Updates

As many of you are aware, Larimer County (the county which includes Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, etc.) was recently granted variance to Colorado’s Safer-at-Home restrictions.  You can read more about these details here.  This is great news for those within Larimer County and its accompanying towns. With this in mind, a few variances deal exclusively …

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Gear Available

PAX – we have our F3 FoCo gear portal available until May 5th (Cinco de Mayo);  Get yourself some gear while you can!  Link is here.

F3 Fort Collins