For the PAX

For the PAX

Here is your simple resource for everything related to our local F3 chapter. You can find links to all the resources you need to Q a workout, or find the updated stats of a local challenge, and so much more!

Ready for your first Q (VQ)?

Glad to here it! If you are on the fence or ready to pull the trigger head over to this PAGE to get all the information on how to prepare for your first Q. Don’t be intimidated! It is easier than it looks. Ask the Site Q for a Q School too!

F3 Jobs

Do you want to find a way to help or did you hear someone described as the “Weasel Shaker” or some other ridiculous name and you are crious what it means? Well, you are in luck! Here is a listing of most of the “formal”/informal job titles we use here in our region.

Challenges / Leaderboards / Trackers / Reports