Challenges – Summer Yeti

The Summer Yeti Challenge

Shoutout to the F3 Denver Region for the “Band of Yeti” challenge that directly inspired this challenge. While their challenge was over the winter to encourage more participation, we flipped it to summer as this season is our lower participation season. 2024 will be our inaugural year for this challenge and we are pumped. More details below. (We will update this page periodically before we kick off the challenge. So bookmark this page and keep checking back)

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As covered above in the graphic, we have 5 categories that you must complete before you can be awarded the coveted Summer Yeti patch. Only #5 has options for what can be completed and you must complete at least one of the options on #5 for the category to be complete. 

1. Beachbody – You must complete at least 20 F3 beatdowns during the 14 weeks. They can be at your own F3 region or any other region but it must be an official F3 beatdown (CSAUPs and Off The Books/Black Ops count as long as they follow the F3 guidelines). 

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2. Where Do You Burpee – This challenge is for the comz guys. Help your local comz guys with some great content showing us where you burpee. You must do 5 Burpees on 5 different occasions. Each occasion must be a different location. It could be somewhere sexy like the beach in Hawaii on your vacation or it could be boring like the waiting room for your dentist appt. Just by you doing it, it will be AWESOME! Photo or video or it didn’t happen. Upload to Instagram or X and tag us @F3FortCollinsCO and don’t forget the awesome hashtag #WhereDoYouBurpee

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3. You Crazy! – Complete 1 F3 CSAUP during the 14 weeks. If you can’t make any of the ones that our region or your region puts on, lead your own and include some F3 brothers in it. Go get some!

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4. Fellowship-The Glue – Participate in at least three 2nd events, whether it is a Happy Hour, a golf scramble, a lunch, a coffeeteria, or a movie night. The essence of it is that you are hanging out with your F3 brothers outside of the gloom and connecting.

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5. Choose Your Own Adventure – Choose and complete at least one of the following items from our bulleted list:

  • Complete 1 challenging outdoor activity you have never done before
  • Post 5 times at different AOs other than your home region (you can knock this out easily while on vacation with the family) (Also, doesn’t have to be 5 different AOs just 5 times anywhere outside of your home region)
  • Bring a FNG to a F3 Beatdown
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This is a mockup. Patch may look slightly different.

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F3 Summer Yeti Challenge